2 April 2016

Something was missing from this Easter

Where was this year's really real, truly true fer shure historical Jesus?  The pickings were kind of anemic this year- only one I saw was from some stoner who thought Jesus used pot in his healing.  Other than that, it was few 'real face of Jesus' from that documentary a few years back, where they put a face on a random Jewish skull from about the right period.    That, and a news magazine trotted out one more time the question of whether or not Jesus really existed.

It's as though they aren't even trying any more,  which is oddly concerning.  They seem to have decided we aren't worth the effort any more.  Rather than trying to refute our beliefs, they are treating them as already defeated, and claiming a victory they have not won.  In short, their silence declares us to be irrelevant.

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