13 April 2016

Still reading Amoris Laetitia.

I prefer to take these matters slowly.  I have also asked the opinion of a few people whose opinions on these matters I respect.  I may have come to a conclusion by the time everyone else has forgotten about it.

Although, let's face it, my opinion is of less than no consequence in this matter.  It is the opinions of those who are trying to legislate whatever this says that matter. 


Julian Barkin said...

I disagree. As a layman with a semblence of sanity, yet "orthodox" in his practice of the Catholic faith, it is Inportant to get your evaluation out there. Too many armchair theologians afflicted by the sin of corruption are speaking out against Francis and A.L. Further making "Traditonal Catholicism" a cesspool of hate. The more people like us that speak out, the more we can show that it's only a select group of people, and not the whole group that is the problem.

I do hope you'll give a summarize evaluation. Pax.

Bear said...

As one of the people whose advice I sought pointed out, papal exhortations have a short shelf life. Ever heard of Marialis Cultis? I have doubts this one will have much more influence in the long run, for better or for worse.