17 April 2016

Today was my mother's birthday

I just got back from my mom's 92nd birthday dinner. Among other things, I told her that I would be renting a car next weekend, and asked her if she wished to go for a drive somewhere- see some barns, churches, waterfalls, whatever suited her fancy. I've been doing this for a while with her, though I have been a little lax of late, which I need to remedy.  I think that, at this stage of her life, if there's something she would like crossed off her bucket list, some haste is called for.

"Yes, I would like that very much," she said. "I'd like to go back to that church in Hamilton, the one on top of a hill- you know, the one near water."

I didn't actually know that one. It took us several minutes before we figured out the place to which she wished to go was indeed on a hill, but in Formosa (a little over one hundred miles to the northwest of Hamilton) and nowhere near water.

I would be worried, but she has always been like this. Happy Birthday, Mom.


Patience said...

That's awesome! Best wishes to your Mom. Mine would have been 93 this year if she was alive.

Drew Watts said...

92nd birthday dinner! Sounds amazing! I hope you all had a great time on your mom’s birthday. My grandmother turned 60 last week and we celebrated the day at one of her favorite Chicago venues. She loved our surprise.