31 May 2016

Today in Parliament

So, today, parliament is going through the third reading of the euthansia bill, but what is really controversial is that they want to change the word of 'O Canada' from "in all thy sons command" to "In all of us command". I think we may consider this what's wrong with this country in one easy view.

But, okay, let's talk anthem. The person who is suggesting this change, whatever else they may be or may have, has a tin ear. "All of us" is a terrible phrase for a singer. It is clunky and not euphonious in the least. If they want to change it, there was another early version that had the words: "In all our hearts command." If nothing else, it flows better as music than the other change.

On the whole, I sadly think it is no coincidence  that parliament lacks both a grounded morality and art.  Ugliness and immorality have always gone hand in hand.

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