16 September 2016

The other day was the anniversary of the Battle of the Plains of Abraham (which would be better called "The Brief Fight in Abe's Cow Pasture").  Tonight I found a painting of the original Notre Dame de Quebec, which was destroyed by the British bombardment during the siege of the city.  Built in the 1640's, this was for a time the cathedral for all of North America North of Mexico. 

UPDATE:  A reader with a far greater knowledge of the Faith and its history than I wrote to correct my above understatement (verging on a dismissal) of Mexico in the early years of the European presence in North America:  "(W)e must understand that "Mexico" (to use its modern name), included California, Florida, and much of the central continental basin, though New York was in a Puerto Rican diocese older than the mainland ones.

The Spanish contribution to North America was immense, including, but not limited to, the horse, the grape, the olive, the citrus fruits - and The Faith."

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