4 October 2016

Ha! I said so.

Somewhere in my more than a dozen posts about St Michael's cathedral and its renovations, I posted my belief, based on absolutely no concrete evidence whatsoever, that, upon its reopening and rededication, st Michael's would announce that it is now a basilica. And behold, today I go to its website and see their new banner for St Michael's Cathedral Basilica.  What a gift it is to be able to see the blindingly obvious.

(My belief came from the fact that Our Lady Immaculate in Guelph, which reopened after extensive renovations just before last Christmas, announced upon reopening that it was now a basilica. This meant that the diocese of Hamilton now had two basilicas whereas the archdiocese of Toronto had but one.  I was sure someone in the dicastry was going to try and even the score.  it was thin reasoning, but it turned out to be accurate.)


Anonymous said...

I am Catholic. A new immigrant to Canada and new to Toronto. I stumbled upon your blog from Vox today and I believe I have discovered a mine of information on Catholic Canada. Just wanted to sat "Thank you for what you write!".

Bear said...

You're welcome.