4 November 2016

In other news

Months ago I wrote to the Cardinal to ask if there were any canonical barriers to me publishing chunks of my Brief History.  His answer, in short, was no, there are none and I have no need of permission.  However, if I wish, he was willing to go over the History to check its historical accuracy.

Rather than immediately sending off the whole thing, I decided to revisit my research, rewrite large passages, and to try and do some more research.  At any rate, I've sent off to him Part One, which  begins with the arrival of Father O'Grady in  Toronto and ends with the death of Bishop Power.   If and when the Cardinal gets back to me, and assuming he doesn't hate it with every fibre of his being, I will make suitable adjustments, take the history down from here, and then start publishing the mess piece by piece on Amazon.

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