5 December 2016

One more post on eulogies

Still going through mother's stuff, and I found portions of the eulogy for the aunt I never met.  She died in 1941 in her early thirties after thirteen years of being bedridden.  I never met her, as I said, but she was a constant presence, so to speak, in the house when I was growing up.  She was mother's favourite sister, and must have been something special. 

When requesting the prayers of the congregation for Miss -----, on the Sunday after her death,  Father ---- paid her the following tribute: "I am sure that the sympathy of every member of congregation will go out to Mr. and Mrs. ----- and their family in the loss they have sustained in the death of their much beloved daughter and sister, ----.  (She) was a very remarkable girl. There are few of her kind in the world in any one generation. Unable for many years to take any part in social activities,  she cultivated other tastes and other interests which enabled her to enjoy life to the full.  Bright and intelligent she found in good literature and the fine arts,  a never filing source of pleasure and enjoyment. She loved everything that was nice and saw Go in all that was good and beautiful.  She prized above all else her holy religion and, and drew from it her greatest joys and consolation.  Living apart rom the noise and bustle of the world she attained a high degree of sanctity which made her the angel of her home of which she was at once the joy and the crown.  Never once in all the years she was confined to bed did she utter a word of complaint, and there was a prayer on her lips up until her last conscious moment on earth. The innocence and purity of her soul were reflected in her countenance and made her a most beautiful girl to look upon.  She was indeed a great Saint- the nearest approach to the Little Flower we have known in our time.  All who knew her will regret her passing, and we who are her fellow parishioners will not fail to offer a prayer for the repose of her soul."

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