17 January 2017

Oh, heck no.

I interrupt the Ruminations to register a hearty "Heck No!" to this news: Kevin O'Leary will entering be entering the Conservative Leadership race. 

He is almost literally the last man I would support for the job.  One famous name who thinks their first political job should be Prime Minister is enough.


Julian Barkin said...

And Sir Bear, might I ask if you know a better candidate or solution to combat the scourge of Trudeau II? Seriously I'd love to know a better idea to save Canada.

Vox Cantoris said...

Yes, Bear; Julian asks an important question.

He is far from perfect, though he is half Lebanese and that will outweigh the corruption of Irish Quebec in him. His positions on Life issues and more, are not great. But they are no worse than most. The pro life candidates have no hope of winning the race for Leader, let alone the national election. The pathetic, immoral cretin with his father's morals and his mother's brains, whose name will not be uttered from my lips or typed from my fingers, is a profound and present danger to this country. His policies will destroy our economic foundations and families whom he purports to support. His pandering to Islamofascism and China's basic dictatorship endanger us.

No, Kevin O'Leary is far from perfect, nor was Trump. But sometimes you need to use whatever means necessary to thwart a greater enemy.

Yes, I will support O'Leary because he is, in my view, what is needed to get rid of Dear Leader and to handle President Trump on some level other than wetting ones pants.

Bear said...

I seem to have gotten you two to agree on something. Perhaps my work here is finished.

I think the Conservatives have several capable candidates in this election. Get to know the other candidates and not just the 'star'.

I personally know one of the candidates. There is a rosary crusade being said for his candidacy. The intention of their prayer is not that he wins the candidacy at all costs, or that he even wins at all, but that the Lord's will be done, and that no souls are damaged because of his campaign.

This, I believe, is a worthy attitude. It seems to me that the damage done by both the candidates to the South in their campaigns was huge. As I have said before: When you vote for the lesser of two evils, you vote for evil. When you support the lesser of two evils, you support evil. When you embrace the lesser of two evils, you embrace evil. But their supporters went even further: they often declared their candidates not to be the lesser of two evils, but a positive good, and when you declare evil to be good, you are depraved.

You may believe as you will and vote as you see fit, but I will have nothing to do with this man.