1 April 2017

Went to confession tonight

The archdiocese ordered extra hours of confession to be made available this week.  Today was my church's turn.

As always, I was struck by how boring and pedestrian my sins were.  I am not saying that in the sense that I wish I were better at sinning, or that I could move beyond the realms of the usual evils.  Quite the opposite.  Just a recognition that the lure of sin and the thrills it offers are simply a lie, and, once the newness wears off, it is stultifying. 

That, and I am risking my soul and am bored out of my skull as I do it.  It is the deal that Uncle Screwtape said truly gladdens the devil's heart: to get a man's soul, and give him nothing in return.

I need to improve at this whole 'being a Catholic' thing.

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Vox Cantoris said...

Their "turn?"

Perhaps if the Pastor there, and all other priests spent 30 minutes before every Mass in the Confessional as at the Oratory or SSPX, then these special events would not be necessary and people would actually get the connection between Confession and the Mass and the Blessed Sacrament.

Priests are basically lazy and badly trained.

The fish rots from the head first but at some point, you bury it.