15 May 2017

Mother's Day: must be time for people to write articles saying we should get rid of the day.

And here's one.

Idiotic. Every reason- every single one- that she gives behind her proposal for getting rid of mother's and father's day can also apply to her new proposed 'guardian's day.' Not everyone had good parents? Understandable. But everyone will have good 'guardians'? It's a pain in the neck to get together with your parents, but not for 'guardians'? Some people will feel excluded because they don't identify with the binary blah blah blah? What about the exclusion of those who do identify in the binary blah blah blah? If you want to get rid of the days, fine. Get rid of the days, but don't give me this baloney and tripe as to why, or propose a new day that does not address any of issues you raise for getting rid of the days in the first place. The sole result of this new holiday will be the removal of the words mother and father, which is the whole point: pretend that they don't really exist.

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