19 May 2017

Oh, heck yeah!

Finally, some good news! (For me and others like me in Toronto, at least.)

I just found out the Tallis Choir of Toronto will be performing Tallis's 40 motet Spem in Alium in the coming year, as well as the Mass by Striggio which lead to Tallis composing his work.

Wife- clear the calendar for Saturday November 25th.  I am there. Someone tell those meatheads with their fingers hovering over the buttons that they are not to start a global thermonuclear war until the 26th. Prior to that, I forbid it.

Oh, and for those unfortunates out there who do not know of what I speak- here is Spem in Alium:


Vox Cantoris said...

In a Catholic Church?

With the Blessed Sacrament present?

A ticket charged?

Any you would go in violation of liturgical law?

Bear said...

Last time I was there, I believe the tabernacle was empty.