28 January 2018

Another one of my pieces

Another one of my intarsia pieces: an attempt o render one of the windows of my parish in wood.  I am not entirely happy with it (I forgot to give one of the figures a mustache and a mouth)  but some parts of it turned out well.


Kathleen1031 said...

Well that's just incredible. Is it hanging in your church?
I was just looking at a wood carving in our church the other day. It is a very interesting carving of Jesus with two apostles on either side. Very beautiful.
That must have taken many hours to make. What joy to pick out colors for such a project. How rewarding, to be lost in creating such art. I am inspired to find a similar outlet.

Bear said...

Thanks. It's not hanging in the church. It's in a box down in my basement at the moment.