23 April 2018

Reason why I hate politics number...

So, in 2014, in front of the press and other witnesses, Doug Ford claimed that having a house for autistic people in his neighbourhood was a nightmare and was wrecking housing prices.
He then gave an interview, the recording of which exists, and doubled down on his earlier remarks and made further claims about how the house was damaging the neighbourhood.
He furthermore told the father of an autistic child who called him out for saying this to go to hell. Also witnessed and reported at the time.
The Liberals, whose funding cuts to autism programs lead to the closing down of large facilities in the countryside and lead to the opening of the facility that lead to Ford's ire (and who also cut funding to several programs that were helping and could have helped my son) are now trotting out these quotations as proof that Ford does not care about the most vulnerable in our society and is therefore unfit to rule, whereas their record in this matter is... exactly what I just said it was.  Essentially they are pretending those cuts never happened, or are less important than Ford's words.
Not to be outdone by their lies, Ford is now claiming that he never said those things he was recorded saying.
It is for things like this that I want to return democracy to its roots and bring back Athenian ostracism. Put a slot at the bottom of the ballot that says 'none of the above', and should none of the above win, everyone on the ballot is banned from politics for the next ten years.
There is no one in this election for whom I can, in good conscience or with good will, cast my vote. Not one of them. I wish for nothing so much as to be rid of them all.

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