19 June 2018

Trivial matters.

A few members of my merry band and I ran a trivia night last Saturday. I was in charge of the actual trivia part of the evening. I did a lot of web searches into trivia nights and such, looking for some good questions. One of the oddities I found was that most of the trivia pages I found were British, which were replete with questions like 'what brand of cigars did Winston Churchill smoke?' and 'who was king when...?' And Gardens. The British do love their gardens.

It went fairly well, though I probably should have had a few more questions at the easy end of the spectrum. As I have said before, my knowledge base is somewhat skewed, so my idea of what is easy and what is hard is a bit off. For example, I had one token sports question (In what year did the Leafs last win the Stanley Cup?) but there are a lot of people out there who would have eaten up the sports questions, whereas that field would have been very difficult for me. 
It was fun, and we had a couple of laughs. For example, there was this question: "How many official members were in the Group of Seven?" There was a brief laugh, and someone asked: "Is that a trick question?"

Me: Oddly enough, yes. But I'll give you a hint: not seven.

The night was not as successful as we would have liked, but it was not a catastrophe, so we'll be trying it again in the fall.

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