18 August 2018

Notes on some research

I spent an hour or two at the archives this morning.  I love being able to walk in with nothing more than a USB key in my pocket and being able to do more research than I ever could in the past.

Today I was looking into some of the aftermath of the Jubilee Riots (don't worry: I won't be boring you with another long set of posts- this is more for personal curiosity) and I thought I might do well to look up what some of the enemies are saying.  So I pulled out the reels for the Orange Sentinal.  I would have used them for the riots, but I cannot find any issues for the relevant weeks, but there is a lengthy run of the paper commencing shortly after the riots.  At any rate, I was going over what the Orangemen were discussing at the time, and all I can say is: Man, what a bunch of smug bigots those people were.

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