10 February 2019

Back from a lovely afternoon out.

Wife and I went to a Tafelmusic concert this afternoon, or, as I like to say, we went for baroque.
It was the second of three concerts my wife bought me tickets for as a Christmas present.  It was a good concert. There weren't many pieces by the Baroque Superstars- no Bach, no Handel, only one Vivaldi- so the program was filled with some of the lesser known composers of the era. It's good to hear them from time to time. There's a purity about them that comes from not being overplayed. Tin eared music students who can't tell if the pitch is rising or descending don't flagellate these guys for their music tests. Arthritic old pianists don't torture them in church. Companies don't use them as background music as they try and sell us some rubbish.  They are left alone for the people who just like music.
(That said, Bach is still my favourite composer.)

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