21 April 2019

For those murdered in Sri Lanka today

In your charity, please pray for our brothers in faith who were slaughtered on this day of days in Sri Lanka.  And also pray for their killers, that their hearts be turned, and they lay down their weapons, and all may know peace.


Anonymous said...

Let us pray for those who, wantonly and with full knowledge, kill men, women and children to satisfy their hatred of innocence and good, who outrage all decent people by their destructive and bloodthirsty acts, who have no contrition, who despise their fellow man and God Almighty Himself. May He, in His infinite mercy requite them in full for their deeds, now and in the world to come and for all eternity. May He harden their hearts as He did Pharaoh’s, so that they may never turn from their sins and seek the Lord and be forgiven. Let them reap their eternal reward for this act and let that happen soon. “He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword”.

Bear said...

You ask that in His mercy He be merciless, or in His pity He be pitiless? I prefer the act of Consecration of the Human Race to the Sacred Heart of Jesus:

"Many indeed have never known You; many too, despising Your precepts, have rejected You. Have mercy on them all, most merciful Jesus, and draw them to Your Sacred Heart.

You are King, O Lord, not only of the faithful who have never forsaken You, but also of the prodigal children who have abandoned You; grant that they may quickly return to their Father's house lest they die of wretchedness and hunger.

You are King of those who are deceived by erroneous opinions, or whom discord keeps aloof; call them back to the harbor of truth and unity of faith, so that soon there may be but one flock and one Shepherd."

Anonymous said...

In the end there will be two flocks, not one. There will be the sheep and the goats. Maybe a suicide bomber (Mortal sin #1)who murders innocent children (Mortal sin #2) during Easter Mass (Mortal sin #3) may have changed his mind and said a perfect Act of Contrition in the millisecond between pressing the detonator switch and the resulting explosion. It’s not for me to say.