30 October 2006

Father received my e-mail

My pastor, having returned from pilgrimage to French Shrines a week ago, celebrated the 12:00noon mass yesterday, and I being well enough to attend mass, attended. I was very disappointed when he left the poured water into the decantor of wine, then poured some into the chalice, and left the decantor on the altar. After communion the Extraordinary Ministers "helped" cleanse the vessels.

I mentioned to my husband, after the communion hymn, that I think I will from now on attend Holy Family.

As I was descending from the Choir Loft after mass, Father, after having greeted the parishioners on their way out, may a bee line for me and said,

"____ I got your e-mail, I haven't had a chance to answer it. I have been busy with (something I can't remember) pre-seminary (Some thing else.) I will answer it soon."

I have no idea what that means. Did he read it and dismiss it, or is he looking into it, or did he just see the the e-mail in his inbox, but didn't read it.

Will let you know what kind of answer I get.

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