13 November 2006

Update regarding E-mail to Pastor

Well, I was unable to go to mass on Sunday. Our elder daughter was sick with bronchitis. (As an aside, for the past 6 weeks there has always been someone sick in our home. There has not been one day where everyone was healthy at the same time.)

We did go the evening before, and the celebrant priest, not the pastor, did NOT use a decantor and the woman cuing the altar servers motioned for the servers to bring up a second chalice to the altar at the beginning of the Preparation of the gifts, the celebrant refused the second chalice, but there were only a few people at that mass, and only the one chalice was used for communion. I usually don't attend the 5:00p.m. Mass of Anticipation on Saturdays, so I don't know if this is the norm, or not.

As for Sunday, Bear-i-tone did attend mass because, well, as you know, he sings in the choir. From the back of the choir loft he doesn't get a very good view of the, but he did notice that the decantor was NOT on the altar, during the Eucharistic Prayer and there WERE THREE chalices of the Precious Blood made available for Communion under both species. Not being perfectly sure, I would have to surmise that the pastor, after reading up my sources, looked into how to confection more than one chalice of Precious Blood, without using a pitcher.

Bear-i-tone spoke to the pastor after mass, on a different matter: the behaviour of Confirmation Candidates up in the loft, (horrible), and he seemed genuine and cordial. Maybe, unlike some pastors, Father didn't mind having something pointed out to him.

Hat Tip to Voxcantor for suggesting I speak to the Pastor, before the archdiocese.

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