15 October 2006

Vox Cantor: Some thoughts on the TLM

Vox Cantor has some interesting comments at the above site. Please visit there to get the beginning of this discussion. My answer is long and so I have placed it here:

Whatever the masses are called is acceptable, Missa Normative (Missa Novo Ordo) or Missa Traditione (Missa Tridentine)as long as people understand they are both ROMAN RITE, only different ritualistically, and neither is "better" than the other, then peaceful co-exitence is possible.

BTW, I haven't formed a final preference on the two rituals yet. I've only been to One MT and it was sans Schola and the celebrant recited the mass sottovoce, which was very disconcerting. Although I had a Missal(Latin/English) it wasn't until late in the canon that I realised I orient myself according to the bells. I think I should attend at least one more, before voicing a preference. Although I did like the NO mass in Latin. I liked that very much.

Until the militants on either side can work and agree to peaceful co-existence within the same Rite, the TLM and the NO will never be on the same level, even though preference for them are fairly even. A recent poll by Corriere della Sera (Newspaper) in Italy on the question:Are you in favour of the Mass returning to Latin?results:Sì (yes) 55.3%No (No) 44.7% (see blog below) These numbers are very close and therefore extremely divisive, and could be problematic.

The question both sides have to ask themselves is: For the sake of harmony in the Church, could you accept Rome saying your personal preference would not be celebrated any more? The Trads have proven that no matter what Ritual Rome authorises the Trad Faithful will not leave the Church, because they realise that what is important is worshipping God. (Case in point I still went to Mass today even though I knew I would see alot of errors.) But how many proponents of the Folk Masses stick around if the "Folk" elements are removed, how many people who don't want Latin, will stick around when Latin comes back. They will walk. In some parises they already have.

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