18 November 2006

My Pastor answers my e-mail and the hope fades

Hello _____,
I finally found a little time to reply to your letter of several weeks ago. First of all, thank you for your concern. I always appreciate hearing from parishioners and getting their feedback about life at St. Clare's. In response to the issue of having only one chalice at the altar during the consecration, and pouring the blood of Christ from the large flagon into the other communion cups; I am aware of the Vatican statement, but a lot of people (has he heard this complaint before.) don't realize that it has not yet been promulgated by the bishops of Canada. Our own Cardinal Archbishop continues to do the same as I do. Of course we exercise the greatest of care in order not to spill even a drop of the Blood of Christ.

The symbolic value of the one cup is very important of course, since it reminds the people of the one cup that Jesus used at the last supper. Since introducing Communion under both kinds at St. Clare's Church, I have been slowly trying to educate our people (including eucharistic ministers -should be extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion) of the fuller experience of the Eucharist one can have by receiving both sacred species. My greater concern frankly is to get people to appreciate what the Eucharist truly is and to receive it with the greatest of reverence.

As far as the purification is concerned; I only do an initial purification at the altar. All the vessels are brought back to the sacristy for a more complete cleansing after the Mass by the Eucharistic ministers. (They aren`t supposed to be cleansing the vessels period, but that probably hasn`t been promulgated by the CCCB yet either.)

I hope this answers some of your concerns, ------. I think you know that I strive to be very observant of all the Church's regulations and see myself as a very obedient priest. I will continue to do my best, especially in the proper handling and administration of the Eucharist.
Thanks again and God bless you.
in Christ,
Fr. _____

p.s. if you'd like to speak to me in person about any of this, or if you have any other concerns, please don't hesitate to call me. I will always make time for you.

So the CCCB is to blame for not promulgating the Vatican`s rules. OK. And silly me I thought the rules come from the top, and the CCCB was to enforce them not give them approval. How could I have been so wrong :P

I guess I should start praying that the CCCB starts promulgating the rules of Rome soon.

I was so hopeful after what B-tone said last week. Well, I will be going to mass tomorrow and attend mass as a good catholic and shut up.

I guess asking for a latin NO mass once a month at the church is out. That was suggested by Arinze, and he isn`t the pope, so that idea would be dismissed out of hand.

Contacting the Bishop is out if the Cathedral does the same, I would contact the archdiocese, if ultimately I would then contact Rome, but really, why.

My response consisted of the following:

Dear Father,
Thank you for your response.
God Bless you, and the Cardinal.

signed by me

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