22 January 2007

Communion from the Chalice.

If you want to read the background for this entry read this first and this second.

Well, yesterday at mass, during the Eucharistic prayer, when I looked up at the altar after being distracted by my 4 year old I noticed that the carraffe was NOT on the altar. The precious Blood of Our Lord was confectioned in the Chalices (2, one more ornate and larger than the other, which was elevated at the time of elevation.) Was this an aberration, did Pastor not want to confection too much Precious Blood? I don't know. I'll see what happens next week. BTW I never got around to contacting Bishop Boissonneau, about this. Between one thing and another, it got away from me, but it stayed in my prayers. I was planning on doing so after the installation of the New Archbishop of the Archidiocese. If it has been resolved though, I won't have to, Deo Gratias.

Further, I was instructing my four year old on prayers after her Communion blessing, (obviously she doesn't receive communion, but she is old enough to pray after receiving her blessing) so I don't know exactly how he went about Cleansing the vessels. Hopefully he didn't pour from one chalice into the other before drinking the remaining Blessed Sacrament.

I wonder what changed.

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