29 January 2007

This is the new location for the Spirit's Sword

I tried to change the look of the First Spirit's Sword and then ended up not being able to view my blog, though I could post. So I strted this one. I'll leave the other one with a link to this one, update your links accordingly. I think I lost all the comments on the other one. Hopefully when I publish this, it will work. If it doesn't I quit.


Puff the Magic Dragon said...

Just checking to see if I can post to my own blog.

Gavin said...

Which title is correct Latin, anyway?

Puff the Magic Dragon said...

Paul's actual symbolic title is Spiritus Gladius, but I have seen it as Gladius Spiritus, but I think the SG is more correct.

Anyway, I prefer to use the GS, because, well, St. Paul I'm definately not, so let the Latin be as flawed as I.

(Though in Latin it doesn't really matter which comes first)

Re: the Old blog.
Gladi(ol)us was just dead wrong. That is why in my old Header it was written Gladi(ol)us. I realised it too late to change the Address.