21 February 2007

Good news, bad news

The good news is father did not decant the blood of Christ today. But that is because I got my ashes at a school Mass and he did not offer communion in both species to the children.

The bad news is, it was a school Mass. Opening hymn was Be not Afraid. I heard the choir practicing a Kyrie before Mass, which was odd. Perhaps no one informed them that the penitenial rite is omitted on Ash Wednesday. Fortunately, Father didn't give them a chance to sing it. They had no gospel acclamation, but Father E. did a good job of singing Praise to You Lord King of Eternal Glory while Father B recited the versicle. The psalm was recited by four students, and apparently was the wrong translation.

For the distribution of the Ashes they had a hymn I never heard before, possibly called "Ashes." It stank. When it came to the Eucharistic Prayer, the Sanctus used could better be entitled "Sing Hosanna." The moronic teacher actually had the children sing "Sing Hosanna! Sing Hosanna! Sing Alleluia!" Father E. tried his best to sing over them and make it three "Sing Hosannas". I find it absolutely insulting that the guy in charge of picking the music for the school Mass doesn't know that you don't sing Alleluia during Lent. But hey, I'm just picky.

Offertory was "On Eagle's Wings." If I comment any more on this one I will suffer apoplexy.

Communion Hymn I can't remember, thank God. I don't know what the recessional was, because I beat a hasty retreat.

Oh, and they ignored the pipe organ in the loft and strummed a guitar. But that's not anybody's fault. The leader plays the guitar, not the organ, but still. The church had a perfectly good organist sitting at home.

They should create a position at the TCDSB for someone to plan Masses for the schoolboard across Toronto so we don't have monstrosities like this any more. I'd apply. Any one at the Board who can help me out?

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