12 March 2007

short roundup

Last week we got the report cards for elder and younger. Both are doing well at school. Elder is doing better socially as well since her chief bully changed schools a few months ago. I played a little joke on their grandmother when I called her up and told her they were actually doing terribly and were in danger of failing. This is an old joke of mine and I thought she would see quite through it, however I found out a day later that wasn't what happened. I was speaking to her about other matters when the subject of grades came up again and I let it slip that the girls were doing well. "Oh that's a relief," she sighed. I thought that was the end of it.
A half hour after I hung up with mother I got a call from my sister. "You jerk!" she began. "Do you know what I went through yesterday?" Apparently mother had got on the phone to her and was very unhappy that this could be happening to her grandchildren, and what are these schools playing at and what number can she call up to complain, and so on. Sis concluded: "You do that again and I'll..." er, actually, this is a Catholic blog, and I can't finish that statement. But I know she loves me, um, rather deep down inside.
At any rate, Puff and I went to see the teachers and things went well this time and I didn't reduce elder's teacher to tears. Younger's teacher hinted that younger may actually be her best student, although she isn't allowed to say such things.
On the weekend mother had a euchre party, where I took lone hands. If you don't know the game, never mind. But I think you lead a blighted existence if you don't. Looking your opponents in the eye and saying "Hah! Euchre!" is one of life's greater joys, and carries with it neither penance nor regret. While there Sis and mother told me again what a horrible son/brother I am. Sis also reiterated several threats against me, one of the milder of which involved the words "new" "you" "rip" "I'll" and "one", but I don't remember the exact order.
Sunday's choral singing was quite good. At least, no disasters. This is good. Maybe the NO choir got the MD's message, or perhaps they were afraid I wouldn't make them any more brownies.

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