17 March 2007

So Bear feels like sharing, OK Puff wants to Share

Since Bear-i-tone regaled you with this story , let me tell you about the time I found out which drunk Canadian Soldier scared a 16 year old during the war because he wanted chicken. All he had to do was ask. He could have had Elisabetta, she wasn't even laying any eggs anymore, but no, he had to get Annabella and Carolina, and six others who hadn't even been named yet.

I had been dating Bear-i-tone for about a month, and Bear wanted to bring me to the Saturday Family Dinner. I really didn't want a meet the- parents -and -family -dinner yet, besides I'd already met them.

While we were driving to his parents, I told him I was nervous, I hated formality I'd already met his family informally including his brother, ah never mind.

Bear went on to reassure me that his family loved me, and it would be fine. Besides his dad always tells some good stories at the Saturday dinner.


So we are having dinner and out of the blue, Bear says, "Hey Puff, tell that story about your mom going out to feed the chickens."

"No, I don't think so Bear." Bear insisted.

"Dad served in Italy. My family loves war stories."

So I told them what my mother had told me many times over the years.

During the war the Canadians came through Campobasso. My mother always said the Canadians were sweet boys. She remembered, they left an impression of still being innocent after so many years at war. Food was scarce. When the Germans had been in town, and they wanted food they just commandeered it. But the Canadians were different. And boy! were Canadians different.

My mother was home. Her brothers were still away. The massaria was home to granddad, my mother, her 4 sisters, and a young son, plus a sister-in-law. The other brothers had not returned from the fighting yet. Food was tight.

It was time to feed the chickens and Mom goes out to the coop, and sees a Canadian soldier standing in her coop. She just stared at him. Then he started to shoot at the chickens.....

At this point I notice that the family, Bear's mom, brother, aunt and uncle have suddenly started looking at Papa Bear, who is staring into his dessert, and Bear, well he is looking lovingly at me. I should point out the Bear's second elder sister and her husband aren' there, yet. This becomes important.

So I continue.

Well, my mother jumped and ran to her Father, and cried. He's killing the chickens. (At this point Bear's second sister, walk in and come through the kitchen to the dining room. She stops behind my chair. Her husband is in the kitchen doorway) He's killing the chickens. At which point my mom and granddad and everyone else in the house heard the steady rapid fire . My Granddad kept the children in the house, and did what any unarmed man would do, stayed inside until the rapid fire stopped. (I look up at Bear's sister - she is glaring at Papa Bear. Her Husband is smiling. Everyone else is smirking holding back laughter. And what is Bear doing- smiling at me so sweetly.)

I stop.

Bear: "No Puff, tell them what happened next. Dad you'll love this" Bear elbowed his father. "Won't you, Dad?"

Papa Bear grunted into his plate. "Uh. Yeah."

Well there is really nothing left, except that when the rapid fire stopped and granddad, and my mom, whose chickens they were, came out to observe the damage. He raised his voice at the staggering soldier and said.

"Your son will pay for this!!!"

Bear's sister, is still glaring at her father. "We can't let you go anywhere!" Papa Bear finally looks up from his butterscotch pudding and says, "Look I wasn't the only Canadian soldier there!"

I looked at at Bear, who was still smiling sweetly, and said: "What's going on here?"

He smiled and said: "I'll tell you later."

What irks me is, it was my story and Papa Bear still had the punchline.

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