2 March 2007

The Tomb of Someone named Yesua

Ok, so dem bones, dem bones are being trotted out again.

Someone, 2000 years ago was named Yesua, and had a wife named Mariamene, and a mother named Mary and a son, name I forget, and a brother. Where's Papa? I mean if you are going to cancel Easter, cancel Christmas too. Really, what's the point of one without the other?

Reminds me of a joke in the early 70's, my sister told me when I was 5 years old

"Puff, Puff they cancelled Easter, they found the body."

"No," I begin to cry

"That's not all, they cancelled Christmas, they found his father too."

Then I cried, even more.

So they can prove it is The Lord's remains, through DNA testing.

Oscar-winning Titanic director said statistical tests and DNA analysis backed
this view. .....

"Mariamene is Mary Magdalene - that's the
Ringo, that's what sets this whole film in motion," he
said. ....

Israeli archaeologist Amos Kloner, who was among the first to
examine the tomb when it was first discovered, said the names marked on the
coffins were very common at the time. "I don't accept the news that it was used
by Jesus or his family," he told the BBC News website.

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Ok DNA specialists out there, correct me if I am wrong: In order for a body to be confirmed as belonging to a specific person, isn't a comparison to be run, using the DNA from the corpse and a reference sample of DNA of the person one wishes to prove it is or isn't. My question is where did they get the reference sample of Our Lord's DNA in order to run a comparison. Or were they just able to prove that everyone in the tomb are related to each other. We already knew that. I fully believe that that the tombs are labelled correctly, I just don't think that the Yeshua buried there is "My Lord, and My God"

So I can't be bothered to get angry at Cameron. He is barely a Director, and now people are going to trust his theories in archeology and theology. Come on, everyone take a deep breath and let it go. Cameron isn't worth the energy to get outraged.

If you stick with me long enough, you will find a I love quoting Thomas More (Man for All Seasons)

And as he said to Roper, I would like to say to Cameron, " I only hope that when your head stops spinning it is to the front again."

Thomas More pray for him.

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