1 March 2007


I was about to write a post last night on a critically important topic, but I decided that it was more important to first head downstairs and play crokinole with elder and younger, Puff being out for the evening. Younger decided she wanted to be on my "team" and with her aid I received the worst drubbing I have yet had at the hands of elder for three straight games. I recovered somewhat for the fourth and squeaked in a win. I may add that elder is truly a bad winner and after each of her victories she cried out "I won! I won! Uh-huh! In your face!" I do not know where she got that from. *cough*.

At any rate, we finished the games, I helped elder with her organ practice and we said our prayers and the children went to bed. I came back to the computer to write my post... only I couldn't remember what it was. When this happens to Puff she refers to this as "Mommy brain." I have no such excuse. But at least I got the kids off the tv for an hour or so.

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