1 April 2007

Good news, bad news

An old friend returned to the choir today. The soprano who left after her wedding over the summer came back and sang with us today- well, with one of my choirs. I was out with a cold, and I sound a bit like a croaking frog. She sounded wonderful. And that was the problem.

Everyone was overjoyed that she came back to join us for Holy Week. many people have said the choir wasn't the same without her. I have complained about the quality of the choir many times, so I expected to have something of a treat today. But, downstairs and listening instead of upstairs singing, I got a different picture: there was no choir, only her, because they put her on the microphone. Everyone else, after all our hard work, was drowned out, as if they weren't even there.

Now, I have complained about how badly we have stunk at Holy Days in the past, (and today we dodged a real bullet, but I will blog about that later) and we would have been ecstatic at her return six months ago- but now? All the hard work and the dedication, the regular practices, brushed aside for someone who merely showed up. After communion she sat with the other Sopranos to try and lead them and give them some guidance, which they need, but she made no attempt to blend with them. Hers was a solo effort.

Also, since she will be here over the Triduum, we have altered the planned music to suit her. Most noticeably, we have tossed the Easter Sequence Victimae Pascali Laudes (which I was going to chant with the MD) and put in O Sons and Daughters. We suspect Father wants it that way, but can't swear to it. He was so happy to have her back.

She does have a beautiful voice, I must admit, but it is not suited to everything. She sang Ubi Caritas today (solo) and it just didn't sound right as an Aria. She can't dial back. Hence, she doesn't do chant well, hence, O Sons and Daughters. We need to teach her rule number four.

Does anyone else know if O sons and Daughters being used as the sequence, not just having the sequence sung to it? Everything we have found says that the proper sequence is Victimae. Is O Sons and Daughters one of those "other suitable hymns"?

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