13 April 2007

quick roundup

I took Elder to the get an ultrasound today, along with some blood work and urinalysis. Nothing came of the ultrasound immediately, so it's probably not too bad.

Elder's problem was that every week she would be sick for a day or so, and then fine, and then sick again the next week. This week's round began with her coming into our bedroom at 3 in the morning on Wednesday and saying: "Daddy, I feel nauseous." I was pinned in my bed between younger and Puff (how it is that I, by far larger than the other two put together, still get stuck with the smallest amount of space in bed will be fodder for another post), plus- did I mention it was 3 am?- my ability to empathize at the wee hours of the morning is minimal, so I called from my position, "Get to the bathroom!" Where she went and proceeded to be loudly ill, which woke Puff, (who could snore through the Apocalypse, I am sure), who turned to me and said: "Wuzz goin' on?" At which point Elder's voice came plaintively back to us from the bathroom: "Daddy, I missed the toilet."

Puff immediately clicked in: "She's calling you," she said.

"Yeah," I replied. "But I'm pinned down here. You go take care of it." I can make an asset out of anything.

We debated until Puff said "Fine!" and got up. During which Elder felt nauseous again and ran to the other bathroom. Just as Puff had finished up, we heard the weak voice come to us "Oh no, I missed again." Puff came into the room. "You're turn," she said. And so on for the rest of the night.

So we took her to the doctor who examined her and noticed she was in pain around her liver and gallbladder, so he sent us for the ultrasound. The technicians wouldn't tell us anything for the time being, which may be a good sign, or at least a sign that this is not an emergency.

I thank you all for your prayers.

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