24 April 2007

What is wrong with this scene?

Updated: April 25, 2007 at 6:47 a.m.

Important piece of information needed for the story
***Our Children attend a CATHOLIC SCHOOL****

This discussion on Friday, when I dropped Younger off at Junior Kindergarten in the afternoon.

Since younger has music first thing on Friday, the teacher who greeted the children was the Music teacher and the home room teacher wasn't there. I passed by the office on my way out of the school, and saw her teacher.

"YOunger, wants me to tell you she has something for show and tell."

"But we don't have show and tell"

I just shrugged, "Well, she wanted me to tell you"

At this point the teacher noticed the brown ribbon on my scapular.

"Are you wearing Younger's "Jesus" necklace. (A little wooden fish with the name "JESUS" inscibed on it.)

"No..." I pulled it out of my shirt, "It's my scapular"

"You're really religious, aren't you?"

"I, um well" You see I am not as religious as others, so I hesitated in answering.

"Oh, admit it, you are."

"Yeah, I guess I am"

I should have added, "I even know the significance of the JESUS fish," but I didn't.

She looked rather surprised.

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