20 June 2007

A humble winner

Paul Potts, who sang in the video linked to in a post below, ended up winning the entire Britain's Got Talent competition. He takes home a hundred thousand pounds, and almost certainly he has recording contracts lined up. I'll ask Puff to embed one of his other performances. Puff? oh Puff?

Thanks, dear.

So, anyway, I read an interview with the man after his victory. When asked what he plans to do now that his life has changed he said he plans to use his money to pay off some debts (he was sick and injured and took a few years to recover, during which time he could not work), he'd like to take his wife on a trip, and, now that he's financially more secure, he and his wife would like to have some children. I like the last part. All the time I read about someone who suddenly found success, or won a lottery, or some such thing, the person will say they will use their new wealth to buy a bigger house, or two, and a new car, or three, and a big flat screen tv, and travel, and live it up. Now, I don't want to make Paul Potts into a model of moral fiber and rectitude- I simply do not know enough about the man- but it is refreshing to see someone whose brighter future includes sharing it with children.

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