21 June 2007

July 8, 2007 - 14th Sunday Ordinary Time C

Sing We Praise to the Father CBW 422

Responsorial Psalm
Let all the earth cry out to God with joy. Psalm 66:1-3a, 4-5, 6-7a, 16+20 (R. 1) [Roman Missal Lectionary]
Cry Out with Joy (Young) CBW 153

Alleluia Verse:
May the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, and the fullness of his message live within you. CBW 153 ii
Alleuia (Jubilate Deo CBW 248)

Offertory (Preparation of the Gifts) Antiphon:
Come to Us, Creative Spirit

Humbly I Adore thee

Cleansing of the Vessels
Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise 472

To Jesus Christ Our Sovereign King 438

Mass Setting
“Community Mass” (R. Proulx)
Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus, Memorial Acclamation, Great Amen, Agnus Dei

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