11 July 2007

Why I love Jesus

I've been tagged by T.O at LamLAND (back on July 9) I just found it today.

The rules
Those tagged will share 5 things they "love" about Jesus.
Those tagged will tag 5 other bloggers.
Those tagged will provide a link in the comments section here with their name so that others can read them.


1) HE loved me first.

2) HE suffered, was crucified, died, was buried, went to hell and back, and rose from the dead for me.

3) HE listens to me when I speak to HIM.

4) HE always answers my requests, though admittedly, He sometimes says "no"

5) HE has never forsaken me.

Okay, I'm tagging VoxCantor
Brian at Christus Vincit
Peter at Utter Muttering
and YOU!

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