23 August 2007

Catholic Book of Worship III - # 472- 498


What I woud like to Continue Hearing:
56. Immortal, Invisible God Only Wise [Text: 1 Tim 1:17; W. C Smith; Tune: ST. DENIO]
57. All My Hope on God is Founded [ after J Neander & R. Bridges; Tune: MICHAEL; H N Howells]
58. Amazing Grace [ 1-4 J Newton; 5 J Reese; Tune: NEW BRITAIN; adapted E O Excell]
60. Lord of All Hopefulness [Text: J Struther; Tune: SLANE, Gaelic; Harmony: E Routley]

What I Never want to hear again:
28. God Is Love [ Text: 1John 1:5; 3:2; 4:15; Gal. 3:28 ; Haas; Tune: Haas]
29. Lord, You Search Me and You Know Me [ Text: Paraphrase Psl 139; B C MIschke OSC; Tune: NETTLETON]
30. God, Whose Glory Reigns Eternal [Text: J Parker Huber; Tune:BEACH SPRING, Sacred Heart]
31. Be Not Afraid [Text/Music: Untitled, B Dufford, SJ]
32. Eye Has Not Seen [ Text/Music: Untitled, M Haugen]
33. (O God) I Know You Are Near [ Text (Based on Ps. 139)/Music: Untitled, S. Schutte]
Others may know it by the Title "Yhwh, I Know You are Near" The CCCB changed from using God's Name to "O God,..." which IMHO was only right, but that change does not alter the fact that I don't like this hymn. -I could go on about voicing God's name, but that's another post -
34. Like a Shepherd [ Text (Based on Is.: 40:9-11 Ez. 34:11; Mat. 11:28-30)/ Music: Untitled, R. Dufford]

What I would like to start hearing ( I may never want to hear it again, but once would be nice)
47. Lord God and Maker of All Things [ Text: Benedictine Nuns Stanbrooke Abbey; Tune: AUCTORITATE SAECULI]
48. Apostles of Our Faith [ Text: Dominican Friars of Toronto; Tune: AUCTORITATE SAECULI]
49. The Lord's My Shepherd [ Text: Scottish Psalter; Tune: CRIMOND, J Seymour Irvine]
50. The Lord, My Shepherd, Rules My Life [ Text: Ps. 23; C M Idle; Tune: CRIMOND, J Seymour Irvine]
51. O Lord, Hear My Prayer [ Ps. 102; Taize; Tune: J Berthier]
52. Eternal Father, Strong to Save [ Text: W Whiting; Tune: MELITA, JB Dykes]
53. O Father, Whose Creating Hand [ Text: D Wynn Hughes; Tune: MELITA, JB Dykes]
54. My Refuge, My Fortress, My God in Whom I Trust [ Ps. 91; The Grail England; Tune: Guimont Psalm Tone]
55. Lord of Creation, To You Be All Praise [ Text: J Copley Winslow; Tune: SLANE, Gaelic; Harmony: E Routley]

What I am in no hurry to start hearing:
39. Come and Journey With a Saviour [Text: H O'Driscoll; Tune: BEACH SPRING, Sacred Heart]
40. God of Day and God of Darkness [ Text: M Haugen; Tune: BEACH SPRING, Sacred Heart]
41. O God of Earth and Space [Text: J Parker Huber; Tune: LEONI, from the Yigdal (M Lyon)]
42. For You are My God [Text/Music: Untitled, J B Foley, SJ]
43. I Lift My Eyes to the Quiet Hills [Text: T Dudley-Smith; Tune: "UPLIFTED EYES," M Broughen & E. Crocker]
44. We Lift Our Eyes to the Hills [ Text: Ps. 121 (F. Anderson); Tune: SHANTI, M Haugen]
45. We Walk By Faith [Text: H Alford; Tune: SHANTI, M Haugen; or LAND OF REST; A Morris Buchanan]

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