3 August 2007

Cedrika Provencher, missing 9 year old girl.

Cedrika Provencher is nine years old and has been missing since 8:00p.m. Tuesday, July 31, 2007, from Trois Rivieres, PQ, Canada.

She was last seen by neighbours looking for a dog (The family doesn't have a dog). Initially it was reported that she was asked to help search for a dog by an unknown woman, now police believe it was a man who asked her to help find the dog.

from ctv.ca, read the article

"Cedrika Provencher was last seen Tuesday evening in her Trois-Rivieres neighbourhood asking neighbours if they could help her find a missing dog. She doesn't own a pet and police believe a man may have first asked her to help him look.

"Just days before Cedrika went missing, another girl reported a man had come up to her and asked her to look for a dog as well, said provincial police spokesman Pierre Rivard.
"Rivard said parents may have been told something by their children and they should "not hesitate to contact police immediately.

"They should also ask their kids if they had been approached by a man recently.

"Cedrika is a responsible little girl who would never come home late, never mind run away, her parents have said. She was also described as friendly girl who wouldn't hesitate to help someone

"You can see he is very, very emotional and you can see it's starting to hit him that his daughter has been missing for 60 hours and it's not looking good," Krywiak said about Cedrika's father.

"Cedrika's mom is "overwrought with emotion" and has been staying away from the public eye, Krywiak said.

***Please pray for the safe return fo Cedrika Provencher to her family. Further, if anyone has seen this little girl please contact QPP (Quebec Provincial Police) or your local police department.

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