28 August 2007

Hymns of Praise and Thanksgiving (Part I)

Hymns I would like to continue hearing:

65 The Church's One Foundation [ Text: S J Stone; Tune: "Aurelia," S S Wesley]
66. O Christ the Great Foundation [ Text: T T Lew; Tune: "Aurelia," S S Wesley]
67. Sent Forth By God's Blessing [Text: O Westendorf; Tune: "Ash Grove," Welsh Trad.]
68. Let All Things Now Living [ Text: K K Davis; Tune: "Ash Grove," Welsh Trad.] The lyircs aren't too bad, as long as it is not overly done]
69. All Creatures of Our God and King [Text: "Laudato si, mi Signor," St. Francis Assisi; Tune: " Lasst Uns Erfreuen," Auserlesen Katholische Geistliche Kirchengesange, Cologne]
70. Celtic Alleluia [Text: Alleluia Versicle of the Day; Tune: F O'Caroll, C Walker, "Self Titled"]
71. How Great Thou Art [Text: S K Hine; Tune: "Untitled," S K Hine]

Hymns I never want to hear again:

39. Now Thank We All Are God [Text: NunDanket all Gott," M Rinkert; Tune: "Nun Danket," F Mendelssohn-Bartholdy] I placed it here only because it has been overly done. It would be nice to do without for a year and then bring it back.
40. Canticle of the Sun [Text/Music: M Haugen, "Untitled"]

Hymns I would like to start hearing (I may never want to hear it again, but once would be nice)

64 Christ, From Whom All Blessings Flow [ Text: C. Wesley; Tune: "Lauds," J Wilson]
65. Father, We Give You Thanks [Text: "Didache," Tr. F Bland Tucker; Tune: "Rendez a Dieu," Genevan Psalter]
66. There is One Lord [Text: Eph 4, Taize`Community; Tune: "There is one Lord,"Berthier]
Provided the choir does it properly
67 For the Beauty of the Earth [ Text: F S Pierpoint; Tune: "Dix," K Kocher]
68. God, Whose Farm is All Creation [Text: J Arlott; Tune: "Shipston," R V Williams]
69. Behodl A Broken World, We Pray [Text: T Dudley-Smith; TUne: "Resignation," CMD, Harm: Proulx]
70. Great God, Whose Will Is Peace [ Text: J P Huber; Tune: "Westfield," D E Wagner] (This is most definitely an once-in-a-while piece)
71. I Sing the Mighty Power of God [Text: I Watts; Tune: "Mozart," CMD; W A Mozart]
72. O Sing to God a Joyful Song [Text: F R Anderson; Tune: Lasst Uns Erfreuen," Auserlesen Katholische Geistliche Kirchengesange, Cologne]
73. Strong Is God's Love For Us [Text: Ps 117; The Grail England; Music: D C Isele, "Untitled"]
74 For Yoru Gracious Blessing [Canon; no atribs]
75. Give Praise to the Lord! [Text: based on: O Praise Ye The Lord, H W Baker; Tune: "Hanover," W Croft; Descant /harmony: H Oxley]
76, Great God, We Lift Our Hearts [Text: Sr. M T Putzer; Tune: "Ein Fest Burg," M Luther]

Hymns I am not in a hurry to start hearing:

53. In Christ There is No East or West [Text: J Oxenham (G. Moore, N Krody, R C Duck); Tune: McKee," American Melody]
54. For the Fruit of All Creation [Text; F P Green; ine: "Ar Hyd Y Nos," Trad Welsh Melody] The lyrics, haven't got the vocabulary to define accurately so I'll say: Repetitive and banal; The Tune to which it is set, nice,but it doesn't save the text]
55. We Give Thanks to You [Text/Tune: Untitled, L Folk]
56. Before the World Had Begun [Text: H Driscoll, Tune: "Craigleith," D M Young]
57. Sing Out, Earth and Skies ! [Text/Music: M Haugen; "Untitled"]
58. All Praise To God [Text: L Manzara; Tune: "New St. Thomas," J F M Wood]
59. All the Ends of the Earth [ Text: Ps 98: 1-6; adapted M Haugen; Tune: D Haas; M Haugen]
60. How Great Is Your Name [Antiphon Text: The Grail; Music: A G Murray; Psalm Text: Ps. 8; The Grail; Ps. Tone: J Gelineau] It's the treatment of the Antiphon that blows this for me, if you can find a way to use a different Antiphon setting; then maybe I would like to hear it. But this antiphon sounds like a carnival piece. The Psalm tone is fine]

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