30 August 2007

Lynne Harper's Father Not Happy about Steven Truscott's Acquittal.

The Harper family have always believed that Steven Truscott was guilty of Lynne's Murder. They still believe he is guilty and don't think he should receive a penny in compensation for the wrongful conviction that almost sent him to the gallows. As Steven said, this verdict has helped the Truscott family, but has done nothing for the Harper family.

Please pray for the Harpers. Truscott's acquittal means that there is no one to hold accountable for the rape and murder of a 12 year old girl 48 years ago. The Harper family no longer have closure. Pray for them, and Lynne.

I understand the Harper's family's emotions, and I am sorry for them. To be told that no one is to be held responsible for your daughter's death, or that you have despised the wrong man for almost half a century is inhuman. But that pain would not have occurred if the police, the crown and the judge had done their jobs right the first time - in 1959.

Lynne Harper's family speaks out on Truscott , from the Globe and Mail.
Five decades after his 12-year-old daughter was brutally raped and murdered, and a day after Steven Truscott was acquitted of the heinous crime, Leslie Harper finally breaks his silence

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