19 August 2007

Onward with the Hymnal

Lenten Season Hymns

What I would like to continue hearing
16. Again We Keep this Solemn Fast [Tune: "Erhalt uns, Herr"]
17. Take Up Your Cross [Tune: "Erhalt uns, Herr"]
18. Great God of Mercy [Tune: "Iste Confessor"]
19.O Lord Throughout These Forty Days [ Heranmen/ G.F. Gilbert; Tune: "St. Flavian"]
20. Salvator Mundi [ Text: Savoiur of the World, save us; Music: Taize`, J. Berthier]
21. At The Lamb's High Feast We Sing [ Text: As regias agni daped; Latin 4th Cent. Tr. R. Campbell; Tune: "Salzburg," JS Bach]
22. Where True Love and Charity are Found/ Ubi Caritas{English / Latin] [ Text: Latin, 9thC. Tr. R. Proulx; Music: "Ubi Caritas," Chant mode VI]
23. The Lord is Now Exalted [Text: P. Stotter; Music: "Passion Chorale," L. Hassler/ JS Bach]
24. O Sacred Head Surrounded [Text: Salve Caput, cruentatum, B. Clarvaux ; Tr . Baker and Russell; Music: "Passion Chorale," L. Hassler/JS. Bach]
25. Jesus, Remember Me [ Text: luke 23:42; Tune: Taize` J. Berthier]
26. Sing My Tongue the Ageless Story [Tune: Pange Lingua ]
27. When I Behold the Wondrous Cross [ Text: I. Watts; Tune: "Rockingham," E. Miller]
28. O Cross of Christ [ Text: Stanbook Abbey; Tune: "St. Flavian"]

What I Never want to hear again.
7. O Christ the Healer [ Erhalt Uns, Herr] The lyrics, though doctrinely sound, are well, you decide:
O Christ the healer, we have come
To pray for health, to plead for friends.
How can we fail to be restored,
When reached by love that never ends.

From ev'ry ailment flesh endures
Our bodies clamor to be freed;
Yet in our hearts we would confess
That wholeness is our deepest need.

and ends with:

Grant that we all, made one in faith,
In your community may find
The wholeness that, enriching us,
Shall reach the whole of humankind.

8. Be With Me, Lord [Haugen]
9. Jesus, Lord [Music/Text: R. DeBruyn]
10. Healer of Our Every Ill [Text/Music: Marty Haugen]
11. Behold the Wood [Text/ Music: Dan Schutte] The Refrain's Okay, the verses not so much.]
12. Tree of Life [Text: M. Haugen; Tune: "Thomas," M. Haugen]

What I would like to start hearing (I might end up never wanting to hear it again, but once would be nice)
18. Have Mercy, Lord, On Us [ text: Tate/Brady; Tune: "Southwell"]
19. Eternal Lord of Love [Text: T. H. Cain ; Tune: "Old 124th"]
20. Have Mercy on Me [ Text: 1963 The Grail ps. 51& 1986 The Grail; Music Gelineau, Murray, The Grail England]
21. Merciful Redeemer [ Text: St. Gregory tr. Udulutsch; Tune: "Melcombe," S. Webbe]
22. O Sun of Justice, Fill our Hearts [ Text: "Jam Christe, sol justitae."(6th cent.latin) tr. Frank Quinn OP; Music: "Wareham," W. Knapp]

What I am in no hurry to start hearing
11. Come to the Waters [ Tony Barr]

12. Father, We Thank You (for this faithful witness) [Text: D.F. Wright; Tune: "Iste Confessor"]
13. O Raise Your eyes on High [Text: R. Wright; Tunes: "Morning song" or "Dunfermline"] Because of the

line "Of every creed and nation King" just isn't true. Sadly, unfortunately, not every creed sees Christ as King.
14. Shelter Me O God [ Text: Pss. 16+61 & Luke 12:34 adapted by B. Hurd; Music: B. Hurd.]
15. With Our God [Text/Music: M. Joncas; ps. 130]

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