16 August 2007

What I'd Like to Start Hearing, What I Never Want to Hear Again, and What I Would Love to Continue Hearing, And What I Am in No Hurry to Hear

Taking my cue from BMP at Christus Vincit, I thought I'd go through our hymnal,
Catholic Book of Worship III, published by the CCCB.

I will concentrate first on hymns, then on Mass Settings and then on the Psalm settings, and finally other acclamations.

So First Things

Advent Hymns

What I would like to continue hearing.
1. Awake Awake: Fling off the Night [Deus Tuorum Militum]
2. Come, O Long Expected Jesus[Stuttgart]
3. O Come Divine Messiah [Venez Divin Messie]
4. O Come, O Come Emmauel [Veni Veni Emmanuel-LM with refrain Mode I]
5. The Angel Gabriel From Heaven Came [Gabriel's Message]

What I never want to hear again
1. Awake Awake and Greet the New Morn (Haugen)
2. Be Light for Our Eyes (Haas)
3. Every Valley (Dufford, SJ)
4. Prepare the Way of the Lord (Taize`]
5. Wait for the Lord [Taize`]

What I would like to start hearing
1. Creator of the Stars of Night[ Conditor Alme Siderum - LM Mode IV]
2. Veni Veni Emmanuel [in Latin -LM with refrain Mode I]
3. The Advent of Our God [St. Thomas] or [Franconia]
4. The King Shall Come [ CM Greek Traditional Melody] or [Morning Song]

What's in the Hymnal that I haven't heard and am in no hurry to hear.
1. Come, O Long Expected Jesus [ 8 7 8 88; Dan Smith]
2. Advent Antiphon [ Murphy/ Dan Smith]
3. Listen My People [ Durocher]
4 God of All People [ text- Haas; Tune- Whittesley - David Young]

Tomorrow Christmas Hymns

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