16 September 2007


Catholic Book of Worship III 555-580

I got sidetracked but here I am continuing here

Hymns I would like to continue hearing:

72. Holy God We Praise Your Name [Text: Te Deum Laudamus; Tune:"Grosser Gott"]
73. O God Beyond All Praising [Text: M Perry; TuneL "Thaxted"]
74. Praise to the Lord, the Almighty [Text: "LObe den Herren, den Machtigen Konig;J Neander; TUne: "Lobe Den Herren"]
75. Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven [Text: H F Lyte; Ps. 103; Tune: "Lauda Anima"]
76. Praise the Lord, You Heavens Adore Him [Text: Ps 148; Foundling Hospital/ Osler; Tune: "Austria"]
77. Laudate Omnes Gentes [Text: Ps. 117; Tune: "Taize" Berthier]
78. All People that On Earth Do Dwell [Text: Ps. 100; W Kethe; Tune: "Old Hundreth"]

Hymns I never want to hear again

41. Let Heaven Rejoice [Text/ Tune: B. Dufford S.J. ]
42. Sing A New Song Unto the Lord [ Text/Tune; D Schutte]
43. Praise the Lord with the Sound of Trumpet [Text/Tune: N Sleeth]
44. Tell Out My Soul [ Text: Magnificat; T Dudley-Smith; Tune: "Woodlands"]
45. You Are the Voice [Text/Tune; D Haas]

Hymns I would like to start hearing (I may never want to hear it again, but once would be nice)

77. Let All Creation Bless the Lord [ Text: Paraphrase: Benedicite omnia opera Domini; Tune: "Mit Freuden Zart"]
78. Holy God [Text: Trisagion; Tune: Russian Melody]
79. God, Who Gives to Life Its Goodness [Text: W. H. Farquharson; Tune: "Abbot's Leigh" or "Hyfrydol" ]
80. God Is Love! The Heaven's Are Telling [Text: T. Rees; Tune: "Abbot's Leigh"]
81. Praise to the Lord [Text: paraphrase Ps. 113: Tune: R Klusmeier]
82. Sing to the Lord [ Text/Tune: O Alstott]
83. Jubilate Servite [Text: Ps. 100; Tune: Berthier Taize]
84. To You, Our Holy God [Text: Paraphase Ps. 150; Tune: "Darwall's 148th"]
85. Come, Rejoice Beofre Your Maker [Text; based Ps. 100; Tune: "Stuttgart"]
86 and 87 Doxologies A [Texts: A:Unknown; B: T Ken; Tune: "Old Hundreth"]
88. Regoice in God [text: R C Duck; Paraphrase Ps. 100; Tune: "Old Hundreth"]

Hymns I am in no hurry to start hearing:

61. O Bless the Lord [Text: Based Psalm 148/ Tune: J Michaels]
62. Sing A NewSong to the Lord [ Text: based Ps. 98 T Dudley-Smith; Tune: "Onslow Square"]
63. I Will Extol Your Praise [ Text: Ps. 145 R. Anderson; Tune: "Woodlands"]

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