9 September 2007

Moscow Sretensky Monastery Choir

They are absolutely wonderful. I didn't understand a single word, but the acapella music was simply beautiful. At one point, someone hit a low D and my friend and I had our legs go weak.
One of their baritone, Dmitry Beloselsky, was soloist on a few pieces and he was perfection.

His voice is exactly as I imagine St. Michael's voice would be, when the Archangel sings. He was the soloist on the last piece of the performance, "Brother's, it's Good to Live," and he garnered the choir a standing ovation.

For the encore, they performed, what my friend said was the traditional hymn for the bride as the couple departs. 25 years ago she didn't have it at her wedding, because the choir was away that day, but she got to hear her hymn last night. She cried.

They sang in the acoustically perfect Toronto Centre for the Arts.

Their upcoming Tour Cities and Dates include:
Chicago, Washington DC, San Francisco, Melbourne, Sydney, Geneva, Berlin, London, Paris.

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