30 September 2007

Twenty-seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time (C)

O Lord, you have given everything its place in the world, and no one can make it otherwise. For it is your creation, the heavens and the earth and the stars: you are the Lord of all. Esther 13:9,10-11 [Roman Missal Sacramentary]

In voluntate tua, Domine, universa sunt posita, et non est qui posit resistere voluntati tuae: tu enim fecisiti omnia, caelum et terram, et universa quae caeli ambitu continentur: Dominus universorum tues. Ps. Beati immaculate in via: qui ambulant in lege Domini. Esther. 13: 9-11; Ps. 118 [Graduale Romanum, pp. 346]

Hymn Suggestions
God Created Earth and Heaven
All People that on Earth do Dwell

Responsorial Psalm:
If today you hear God’s voice, harden not your hearts. Psalm 95: 1-2, 6-7ab, 7c-9 (R. 7c+8a) [Roman Missal Lectionary]

Alleluia Verse:
The word of the Lord stands forever; it is the word given to you, the good news. I
Peter 1:25 [Roman Missal Lectionary]

Offertory Antiphon:
Vir erat in terra nomine Iob, simplex et rectus, actimens Deum: quem Satan petiit, ut tentaret: et data est ei potestas a Domino in facultate et in carne eius: perdiditque omnem substantiam ipsius, et filios: carnem quoque eius gravi ulcere vulneravit. Cf. Iob 1, 2, 7 [Graduale Romanum, pp. 349-350]

~~There was once a man in the land whose name was Job. That man was blameless and upright, one who feared God. When Satan came foreword to tempt him, and the Lord gave him(Satan) power over his (Job’s)wealth and his flesh: (Job) lost all his property, and his children: and on Satan inflicted grave ulcers on Job’s flesh. Cf. Job 1, 2, 7 ~~ [Tr. of Psalm from NSRV, and mine own Latin, not for use at Holy Mass, included here for edification purposes only.]

Offertory Hymn
"In Thee, O Lord, Have I Trusted" (G.F. Handel)

Marian Hymn
"Ave Maria" (Purcell)

Communion Antiphon:
The Lord is good to those who hope in him, to those who are searching for his love. Lamentations 3:25 [Roman Missal Sacramentary]

In salutari tuo anima mea, et in verbum tuum speravi: quando facies de persequentibus me iudicium? Iniqui persecuti sunt me, adiuva me, Domine, Deus meus. Ps. 118: 81, 84, 86 [Graduale Romanum, pp. 350]

~~81My soul languishes for your salvation; I hope in your word. 84bWhen will you judge those who persecute me? 86b I am persecuted without cause; help me [Lord, My God]! Ps. 119: 81, 84, 86~~[Tr. of Psalm from NSRV- not for use at Holy Mass, included here for edification purposes only.]

Communion Hymns
"Psalm 95" (Thomas Tallis)
"Ave verum corpus" (Byrd)

Faith of Our Fathers

Mass Setting
Proulx's Community Mass
Alleluia (Jubilate Deo)

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