25 November 2007

In praise of...

...someone I may have slighted in some of my recent posts.

I have been talking about the way the music program is done at my parish, and implying criticism against the priest. I retract none of that; it's all true. But I wish to say some things in praise of the man.

First, I have always maintained praise for the care he has taken of the building, including this series of posts . In an age where too many priests come to a lovely older building and very nearly destroy it, someone who wishes to preserve the beauty of the past and pass it on to the next generation is a breath of fresh air.

Secondly, and far, far more importantly: vocations are up. In the last five years or so at least three parishioners (including the recent ordinand) have been discerning vocations. Three in five years from one parish is quite impressive. He hammers the point home from the pulpit. He also addresses mothers who dissuade their children from seeking vocations because the mothers want grandchildren, and tells them to lay off.

If by their fruits ye shall know them, this man has been fruitful, and we should know him by that to be a good priest.

Now, if only I could bring him around on the music....

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