17 January 2008

Update on prayer requests

A while back we asked for some prayers for elder who had suddenly developed a case of asthma that got worse and worse by the day, to the point she could barely breathe and could not do anything without getting winded. As it turns out, the doctor misdiagnosed her, she does not have asthma, and the symptoms were caused by the medications he prescribed. We are changing doctors. Thank you all for your prayers.

I also asked for prayers regarding a co worker who seemed to be making his way back to the Faith. Continue your prayers that God open wider this man's heart and mind to the Faith, that we may welcome our wandering brother home. Also, pray for me that I don't blunder in answering his questions and scare him away.

My brother is still drinking, and won't go to the doctor, so more prayers that way would be appreciated.

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