20 March 2008

A little something

I wasn't going to do any more blogging for the next few days, but I noticed that quite a few of my friends and co-workers, even a few bloggers, are looking a little blue these days. I know the feeling. Depression and I are old friends. There isn't much I can do, except say, I know what you're feeling, hang in there, and you're in my prayers. Remember we're in the most joyous time of the year: the victory has been won for us, and whatever else is happening, in the end we're on the winning side. If you need more to make you smile for a moment, here's something that always makes me smile:

I dedicate this to anyone who's feeling a little down, and anyone who can remember getting up early on a Saturday morning to watch cartoons.

God bless you all on this most holy of seasons.

PS, I asked a while back for some prayers for a coworker who is thinking about returning to church. I'll be taking him around to a few churches this weekend. Please pray some more.

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