7 April 2008

Another recap

Younger went to her first ballet lesson last Saturday at the local community centre. Her lesson was early, but for once we had no trouble getting her out of bed. When her little lesson was over she bounded out of class to her mother and announced: "This is the happiest day of my life!" She's five.

My taste in war movies and documentaries continues. I've developed a taste for Dogfights, and devoutly wish there was a Canadian version. William Barker's final fight would make a spectacular episode.

The pipe organ project continues slowly. Currently I have more seventy pipes. Onward, onward.

I had another conversation with the coworker I am trying to help come back to the Church. I was open with him today, and I told him directly what I was trying to do. "We're told to bring back the lost sheep," I explained. "Hope you don't mind me putting it that way. "

"It's alright," he replied. "I am a lost sheep."

So far, we have agreed to go to a Mass in a few weeks. I'd rather do it sooner, but he wants to wait until exams are finished. I'm stuck on this one. I'm debating the wisdom of pushing him to go sooner. I'm leaning towards waiting so he doesn't feel forced and will be going completely of his own free will, but time can cool resolutions, and he could change his mind. I'll set a date, make arrangements.

If you could say a prayer for my coworker, I'd appreciate it.

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