22 May 2008

Commenters on the Big Blogs.

I was reading Father Z today. He had pictures of the Papal Mass for the Feast of Corpus Christi, and he drew attention to the fact that a kneeler had been placed in front of the altar for communion. Any who were to receive communion from the Pope did so kneeling, and on the tongue.

For myself, I believe this is proper. If we Catholics are correct, then Mass and Communion are the greatest things ever, anywhere, and should be treated as such. However, I will not condemn or dispraise standing and receiving in the hand unless Rome itself abolishes the practice.

Back to Father Z. What really struck me were the comments. Most of them were positive, polite. But there were a few that struck me as odd. One praised the kneeler development, but went on to say: "The Holy Father used Eucharistic Prayer II though, which is disappointing especially considering it’s Corpus Christi." This is indicative of one of the worse developments among the faithful: Disappointment that the Pope doesn't do what we want, doesn't reflect our ideas, doesn't fully endorse our brand of the Church. Friends, the Pope is not here to do what we want, but what God wants. It's not for us to be disappointed that the Pope did not say what we wanted to hear, but rather to listen to what he has to say. Accepting this is easy, and brings peace and clarity. Fighting this wastes energy and creates confusion and dissent.

I wonder if my priest would agree to the Pope's idea, at least if there are any who wish it. There can be no harm in asking.

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