22 May 2008

Here and There, with media.

After whining last night about not reading the news, I read some today: Apparently, there is some kerfuffle over someone or other beating someone else or other in American Idol, and this is important enough to warrant large print coverage.

Somehow, I am happy to say I have never watched a single episode of American Idol, nor Canadian Idol, nor Dancing with Has-Beens and Never Weres, nor Survivor. None of those shows do anything for me, really.

I did watch a few Canadian reality shows on Discovery: Canada's Worst Driver, and Canada's Worst Handyman. They are both similar to watching a train wreck. In the case of Worst Driver, quite similar. A few things, though:

1. Why are we searching for the worst? Is the worst the best Canada can do? While America searches for its best, Canada goes to the other end. Is this our new motto: 'We may not have the best, but we do have the worst!'?

2. It is an interesting trend in television, and I think I can see it in other shows. It simplifies the process of coming up with new ideas, and strips it down to two easy steps: A. Pick a field of human endeavor. B. Ask the question: How bleeding stupid can a person get? The show practically writes itself.

I think I'll stick with not watching too much television. Just stick with Battlestar Galactica and the Woodwright's shop.

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